Oregon is first U.S. site for a wave-power farm

The search for clean, renewable energy is turning toward the ocean, but not without some waves of skepticism. Construction has begun off Oregon on what would be the nation's first commercial wave-energy farm, said Sean O'Neill, president of the Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition, a Maryland-based trade association that promotes marine energy. It is planned to supply energy to about 400 homes. Oregon is first U.S. site for a wave-power farm -

Answers for the environment

Answers for the environment : " Answers for the environment Siemens Sector Video Energy From: siemens Views: 17572 35 ratings Time: 03:39 More in Science & Technology "

January 2010 Global Tropospheric Temperature Map

January 2010 Global Tropospheric Temperature Map : " Here’s the UAH lower tropospheric temperature anomaly map for January, 2010. As can be seen, Northern Hemispheric land, on a whole, is not as cold as many of us thought (click on image for larger version). Below-normal areas were restricted to parts of Russia and China, most of Europe, and the southeastern United States. Most of Canada and Greenland were well above normal: (click image to enlarge) It should also be remembered that lower tropospheric temperature anomalies for one month over a small region are not necessarily going to look like surface temperature anomalies. Since January 2010 was the third-warmest month in the 32-year satellite record, it might be of interest to compare the above patterns with the warmest month of record, April, 1998, which was an El Nino year, too: (click image to enlarge) "

51 Things We Can Do to Save the Environment by

WHAT YOU CAN DO Turn Food Into Fuel Get Blueprints For a Green House Change Your Lightbulbs Light Up Your City Pay the Carbon Tax Ditch the Mansion Hang Up a Clothes Line Give New Life to Your Old Fleece Build a Skyscraper Turn Up the Geothermal Heat Take Another Look at Vintage Clothes Capture the Carbon Let Employees Work Close to Home Ride the Bus Move to a High-Rise Pay Your Bills Online Open a Window Ask the Experts For An Energy Audit of Your Home Buy Green Power, At Home or Away Check the Label Cozy Up to Your Water Heater Skip the Steak Copy California Just Say No to Plastic Bags Support your local farmer Plant a bamboo fence Straighten up and fly right Have a green wedding Remove the tie Shut off your computer Wear green eye shadow Kill the Lights At Quitting Time Rearrange the Heavens and the Earth Rake in the F

November 2009 UAH Global Temperature Update +0.50 deg. C

November 2009 UAH Global Temperature Update +0.50 deg. C : " YR MON GLOBE NH SH TROPICS 2009 1 +0.304 +0.443 +0.165 -0.036 2009 2 +0.347 +0.678 +0.016 +0.051 2009 3 +0.206 +0.310 +0.103 -0.149 2009 4 +0.090 +0.124 +0.056 -0.014 2009 5 +0.045 +0.046 +0.044 -0.166 2009 6 +0.003 +0.031 -0.025 -0.003 2009 7 +0.411 +0.212 +0.610 +0.427 2009 8 +0.229 +0.282 +0.177 +0.456 2009 9 +0.422 +0.549 +0.294 +0.511 2009 10 +0.286 +0.274 +0.297 +0.326 2009 11 +0.496 +0.418 +0.575 +0.493 The global-average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly rebounded from +0.29 deg. C in October to +0.50 deg. C in November . Both hemispheres, as well as the tropics, contributed to this warmth. The global anomaly for November of +0.50 deg.

Quercus - Stop Global Warming

Quercus - Stop Global Warming : " Quercus - Stop Global Warming Quercus - From: Gnomeye Views: 298409 995 ratings Time: 01:05 More in Education "

Climate change: already affecting people and livelihoods around the world

Climate change: already affecting people and livelihoods around the world : " Climate change is already impacting different people around the world, affecting agriculture and livelihoods. For example, in Nepal people are finding that cultivating rice (a staple crop) is not as easy as before and are having to change to other crops. In the Himalayas, retreating glaciers are already causing water shortages for local villages high in the mountains, while vast areas of the South Asia region will be affected. In Mozambique, increasing floods are affecting agricultural practices and ways of life, while in Mauritania problems are being caused by increasing desertification. The global warming and climate change introduction page has been updated to include a number of short videos that highlights these issues further. Read full article: Climate Change and Global Warming Introduction "