What is Happening to our world ?

What's happening to our world?

Hurricanes in the Caribbean and the United States.

Extensive droughts in eastern Africa, Australia, southern Europe and parts of China and India.

Uncontrollable floods in many parts of the world, sometimes preceded by a long drought.

Is this all perfectly normal? Or is the increased intensity of these extraordinary events something we should be worried about?

Fish moving from the Irish Sea to the north Atlantic around Shetland, in search of cooler waters.

Forests in Alaska dying off because of swarms of pests which thrive in the warm winters.

Coral reefs unable to cope with warming seas, bleaching and dying more rapidly.

The impacts of a warming world are scary enough when considered one by one. The view becomes apocalyptic when one looks at them together.

We still have time to avoid the worst – but we need to act now.

It's urgent!

How do you grow crops in the snow?

Rising sea levels are not the only problem caused my melting ice. It can also change the Gulf Stream.

"If the Great Conveyor Belt suddenly stops, the cause might not matter," said a 2004 press release by NASA scientists. "Europeans will have other things on their minds - like how [do you] grow crops in snow."

Planet Earth cannot bear higher temperatures - we must act NOW!

We don’t need to look into the future to get a feeling for the urgency: coral reefs are bleaching today, polar bears are under pressure as their ice habitat is shrinking, heat waves have killed masses of people, droughts and forest fires are becoming more frequent.

Global warming is exactly that - global.

Climate change affects our homes, our lives, our world. It is the result of billions of human decisions every day: from far-reaching acts of government policy to an individual householder wasting electricity by leaving a TV in standby mode.



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