51 Things We Can Do to Save the Environment by Time.com


  1. Turn Food Into Fuel
  2. Get Blueprints For a Green House
  3. Change Your Lightbulbs
  4. Light Up Your City
  5. Pay the Carbon Tax
  6. Ditch the Mansion
  7. Hang Up a Clothes Line
  8. Give New Life to Your Old Fleece
  9. Build a Skyscraper
  10. Turn Up the Geothermal Heat
  11. Take Another Look at Vintage Clothes
  12. Capture the Carbon
  13. Let Employees Work Close to Home
  14. Ride the Bus
  15. Move to a High-Rise
  16. Pay Your Bills Online
  17. Open a Window
  18. Ask the Experts For An Energy Audit of Your Home
  19. Buy Green Power, At Home or Away
  20. Check the Label
  21. Cozy Up to Your Water Heater
  22. Skip the Steak
  23. Copy California
  24. Just Say No to Plastic Bags
  25. Support your local farmer
  26. Plant a bamboo fence
  27. Straighten up and fly right
  28. Have a green wedding
  29. Remove the tie
  30. Shut off your computer
  31. Wear green eye shadow
  32. Kill the Lights At Quitting Time
  33. Rearrange the Heavens and the Earth
  34. Rake in the Fall Colors
  35. End the Paper Chase
  36. Play the Market
  37. Think Outside the Packaging
  38. Trade Carbon for Capital
  39. Make Your Garden Grow
  40. Get a Carbon Budget
  41. Fill'er Up With Passengers
  42. Pay For Your Carbon Sins
  43. Move to London's New Green Zone
  44. Check Your Tires
  45. Make One Right Turn After Another
  46. Plant a Tree in the Tropics
  47. If You Must Burn Coal, Do it Right
  48. Drive Green on the Scenic Route
  49. Set a Higher Standard
  50. Be aggressive about passive
  51. Consume Less, Share More, Live Simply


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